I was diagnosed with stage IV, colon to liver cancer in April of 2008. I have seen remarkable improvement in my overall health from dietary changes, and the work that I have done with Lin has helped guide me into remission, which is the best result of all! Actually, my doctor was surprised that I had recovered so fast. I will continue to see Lin in the future.
Thank you Lin, I owe you so much!

Ron Moore

I am always impressed by the variety of healing modalities that Lin uses in her professional practice. Anyone I have ever referred to her has been amazed by the power of her healing guidance and how much better they feel after a session.

- Jo Sue Pazda
Training Manager

Lin proved instrumental in helping me with a speedy recovery following a broken foot. She instructed me on various alternative methods of treatment, which included vitamin therapy. Her work quickly made me feel so much better. When I returned to my bone and joint doctor for a follow up visit, he too was impressed at how quickly I was healing. Lin is truly a miracle worker, and I highly recommend her work.

- Marilyn Marshall
Grants & Development
UT Health & Science Center

I believe the time I have spent with Lin Weiss will have a long-term impact on my life. Her insights and direction have helped me more than any doctor, and more than any time I've spent listening to a motivational speaker.

- Michelle Leigh Smith

Lin Weiss is a Healer’s Healer!

- Dr. Bob Stecker
Systems Therapist

Lin is a very caring and compassionate healer with a broad base of knowledge and wisdom. Through her incredible intuitive ability she is able to tune right into the situation or illness and give personalized healing and guidance.

- Jacqueline Self, LMT, MH
Alternative Health Practitioner

A healing session with Lin is like getting a massage on the inside...

- Meredith Novelli
Nursing Student

Recognize the heart in everyone. Every person has a heart, and every
heart is divine.



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